Kodak Files Motion To Auction Digital Imaging Patents

June 12, 2012 | By
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Kodak is turning itself into a printing-focused company after abandoning digital camera sales

The photography pioneer filed for bankruptcy protection in January. It stopped making digital cameras shortly afterwards.

The firm said it hoped to announce the winning bidder by 13 August.

Recent lawsuits have driven up patent prices, but a ruling last month against one of Kodak’s key innovations may cause uncertainty about its portfolio.

Kodak, which now specialises in printing equipment, said that 20 parties had already shown interest in the sale.
Secret bids

A press release noted that it only planned to announce the winning bidder and the amount they had paid, so as not to expose the losing parties.

“The bidding procedures are designed to allow bidders to give us their best offers without fear of showing their cards to competitors,” said the firm’s chief intellectual property officer, Timothy Lynch.

Read the whole story: BBC

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