Bibi-Nomics / The PM Is Putting Our Country At Risk

July 25, 2012 | By
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz will present a plan to the cabinet Monday to slash the 2012 budget by about NIS 1 billion and impose a range of new taxes to reduce the deficit.

The prime minister must have a wry sense of humor. On Tuesday, he said, with no lack of pathos, that in economics “there are no free lunches,” and that if spending increases, there have to be cuts on the other end.

“Anyone who says money can be spent indiscriminately for populist purposes simply puts the state in danger and can lead to bankruptcy,” Netanyahu said.

What courage; what powerful words. We need such a leader of Churchillian stature to define reality so sharply and get to work immediately with blood, sweat and tears.

But wait a minute. Who was it who handed out free lunches? Who spent indiscriminately?

Could it be the same Netanyahu who has been prime minister for more than three years? Hard to believe. After all, he talks as if he had no part in it, as if he were a member of the opposition.

Read the whole story: Haaretz


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