Agri-cube Compact Hydroponic Unit Produces 10,000 Vegetables Per Year In A Parking Space

August 2, 2012 | By
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Agri-cube is a hydroponic unit developed by Daiwa House Industry.

Agri-cube utilizes unique technologies, including the Variable Height Illumination System, which can provide a specific amount of light for cultivation, and the Fertilizer Circulation and Drainage System, which makes cleaning cultivation racks easy. Air-conditioning and other equipment is also provided as a package. So, even people with limited experience in vegetable cultivation can use the agri-cube easily.

“When we investigated how many kinds of vegetables could be grown at the same time, using the same environmental control technology and the same liquid fertilizer, we found 23 kinds. With this system, you can easily grow leaf lettuce, salad greens, and other leafy vegetables. Root vegetables up to a certain size can also be grown, for example, radishes and small turnips.”

Leaf lettuce can be grown in 42 days from sowing seeds to harvesting. The yield is about 30 head a day, or 10,000 a year.

Read the whole story:  DigiInfo TV


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