Obama Web Video Uses Tax Calculator To Blast Romney Plan

August 7, 2012 | By
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A new Web video from President Obama’s campaign hits at Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s tax proposals by showing voters entering their financial data into a “tax calculator” which reveals them faring worse under the GOP candidate’s plan.

In the video, participants on the street type in their tax information, including income, marital status and number of dependents, into the Obama team’s calculator, which shows favorable results for the president’s tax plans and portrays the presumptive GOP nominee as a threat to the middle class.

“We are still saving a ton of taxes under Obama and we are going to be really screwed under Romney,” says a couple in the video.

Team Obama also gets in a dig at Romney’s wealth. “It’s maybe not significant to Mitt Romney, but to me it’s a significant amount of money,” says a woman in the video, after being shown her projected taxes under the Romney plan.

Viewers are directed to “RomneyPlan.org” at the end of the video, which allows people to type in their own information and find out their tax savings or increases under a Romney or Obama plan, as well as view their taxes over the past four years.

Read more:  The Hill


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