Right-Wing Extremists Attacked Police For Migrant Camp

August 24, 2012 | By
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The right-wing extremists, but many residents of Corinth not want to have immigrants in their town.Photo: Tores Beluga/Twitpic

Athens – Dozens of supporters of the racist Greek party have “Golden Dawn” on Thursday attacked the police in the port city of Corinth with stones. Demonstrators protesting the placement of immigrants in a barracks in the city.

This was reported by the Greek television. Many wore black T-shirts with the logo of the rightwing party. Also took part in the disputes a deputy for the “Golden Dawn”.

The right-wing extremists, but many residents of Corinth want immigrants in their city does not have. The mayor Alexandros pneumatikos said he would “bring no waste from the barracks and also power and water cut.” The police had on Thursday brought 300 migrants without a residence permit in the barracks.

UNHCR condemns attacks

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expressed its concern at the increasing number of racist incidents in Greece. Attacks on foreigners, including asylum seekers and refugees have assumed “alarming proportions”, said the UNHCR Representative for South Laurens Jolles, on Thursday.

The Minister of Public Order, Nikos Dendias, he called on to take action against the attacks, to protect victims and hold the perpetrators accountable. Dendias wants to establish a “special unit” against racist violence.

In Greece it was in the past few days come hundreds attacks racially motivated. The land along the southeastern border of the EU’s external point of contact for a long time for immigrants from Asia and Africa.

In the past decade, more than one million people have taken refuge there. The “Golden Dawn” had been given on the elections in June almost seven percent and is represented by 18 deputies in Parliament.

Read the whole story:  news.ch


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