VW Starts Recruitment Initiative In Southern Europe

August 27, 2012 | By
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German carmaker Volkswagen has launched a fresh initiative to attract more highly skilled staff. In its constant search for engineers, it’s now focusing its recruitment campaign on crisis-stricken Spain and Portugal.

The lack of skilled workers in Germany prompted automaker Volkswagen (VW) to lay on a special recruitment scheme for southern Europe, the company’s Staff Management Executive, Horst Neumann, announced on Monday.

“For the time being, Volkswagen is concentrating its hiring initiative on college graduates from Spain and Portugal,” Neumann said. He added a special two-year trainee program called “StartUp Europe” was already in place and that successful participants stood the chance of landing permanent jobs in the company.

VW reported the offer was already drawing a massive response in southern Europe where unemployment levels have hit record highs of late, particularly among young people. Some 18,000 applicants have already replied to the 43 initial vacancies in the trainee program for would-be VW engineers.

Read the whole story:  dw.de


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