Pro-Romney Groups’ Ads Go Dark In Michigan

September 6, 2012 | By
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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney

Conservative groups backing Mitt Romney have stopped airing ads in Michigan, an indication that Republicans might see the state as a likely win for President Obama in November.

Pro-Romney groups are pulling money out of Michigan, the state where Romney was raised and his father was governor, though they are continuing to spend money elsewhere to help the Republican nominee, according to The Associated Press.

The last pro-Romney ad to air in Michigan came from the super-PAC Restore Our Future during the Olympics, the AP found.

Obama’s campaign, and a super-PAC that backs him, has also gone dark in Michigan.

Polling in Michigan has been trending in Obama’s direction. The most recent average of polls from Real Clear Politics gives the president a lead of 2.4 points.

The Romney campaign has long argued that Michigan would be in play this fall, even though Republicans haven’t won the state in a presidential election since 1988. Obama took the state, which has a heavy union presence, by 16 points in 2008. Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) campaign essentially conceded Michigan to Obama in 2008, a decision that was publicly questioned by his running mate, Sarah Palin, and others in the party.

Read the whole story:  The Hill

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