Anti-Muslim Film: What We Know (Video)

September 12, 2012 | By
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An obscure film entitled Innocence of Muslims has sparked riots at US diplomatic posts in Egypt and Libya.

The amateur, two-hour-long film, which cast dozens of actors, was produced in California in 2011 by Sam Bacile, a 52-year-old Israeli-American real-estate developer who lives in the US.

About $5m was raised to produce Innocence of Muslims, according to the AP news agency. Bacile, whom the Wall Street Journal quoted describing Islam as “a cancer”, said he raised the money from about 100 Jewish donors.

The film portrays Islam’s Prophet Muhammad as a fraud and a womaniser, and depicts him having sex. The entire film has only been shown once in public, at a theatre in Hollywood, says Bacile.

Bacile explained he made the film because “after 9/11 everybody should be in front of the judge”, the Associated Press news agency reported. “Even Jesus, even Muhammad.”

In Egypt and Libya, public anger at the video spilled over on Tuesday, leading to the death of the US ambassador in Benghazi, Libya and the evacuation of embassy workers in Cairo.

Bacile is now reportedly in hiding.

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How did an obscure film come to have international ramifications?

A trailer of the film was first posted on YouTube by a user called “sam bacile” in July 2012, and has received about 11,000 views to date.

Read the whole story:  Aljazeera


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