Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan Campaign Together In Nevada

October 23, 2012 | By
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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign together in Nevada today and thousands of people turned out for the Republican campaign event.

Fresh from his Monday debate with President Barack Obama, Romney sounded familiar themes Tuesday and asked if voters can afford four more years of Democratic policies. The appearance drew an overflow crowd to the Henderson Pavilion amphitheater. Campaign organizers estimated 6,000 people attended the rally.

Ryan says the debates showed Romney has the demeanor, temperament and skills to be a leader.

The crowd booed when Romney mentioned the Obama health care reform law, and cheered when Romney said he wants to keep the American military the strongest in the world.

GOP voter David Bierwirth said Tuesday that he felt at home among the audience in the nearly 2,500-seat Henderson Pavilion amphitheater.

Bierwirth said he often feels outnumbered among Democrats at his business on the Las Vegas Strip.

Romney and Ryan are due later Tuesday in the Denver area before Romney returns to Reno on Wednesday.

Early voting has already begun in Nevada, a campaign battleground state where Romney and President Barack Obama are close in the polls.

The campaign battleground state has six electoral votes at stake and Romney and Obama are close in the polls.

Election officials said more than 80,000 people statewide cast ballots in person in the first two days after early voting began Saturday.

Obama is due to make a campaign stop in Las Vegas late Wednesday.

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