Chris Christie Phoned Barack Obama To Congratulate Him On His Re-Election – But Loser Mitt Romney Only Got An Email

November 9, 2012 | By
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Chris Christie, the bombastic New Jersey governor who has been under fire from conservatives for his effusive praise of Barack Obama after Hurricane Sandy telephoned the president after his election win but only sent an email to Mitt Romney.

He told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that he had talked to Obama. ‘We didn’t have a political strategy discussion,’ he said. ‘I said, “Congratulations on your win last night, Mr. President”, he said, “Thank you”.’
Asked about whether he had spoken to Romney, he said: ‘No. We exchanged emails last night. We haven’t spoken on the phone yet.’

Christie, who is up for re-election in New Jersey next year and is a likely 2016 presidential candidate, is partly blamed by some senior Romney aides for the Republican nominee’s defeat.

They believe that his outspoken commendations of Obama helped create an aura of bipartisan appeal that was invaluable.

Stuart Stevens, Romney’s top strategist, has told Mail Online that Romney was ‘winning this race by five or six points before Sandy’ but ‘came out of Sandy one or two behind’.

Read the whole story at MailOnline


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